Elite Outdoor Fitness

80lb world record

Nick Grainge of Elite Outdoor Fitness is an Ex-Special Forces soldier who now runs a successful fitness company.

Nick approached us to make a short documentary film about his incredible 80lb marathon world record attempt. We had previously accompanied Nick to the mountains of Morocco to film a five day training session to the top of Mount Toubkal, which sits at 4,167 metres.

On a cold and wet day in November we traveled with Nick to Leeds to compete in an off-raid marathon along the canals of Leeds. The conditions were tough, with the rain lashing down on our cameras throughout the day, but not nearly as tough as the epic determination of Nick to break the world record.

The old world record stood at 5hrs 43 mins and Nick set a new world record of 5hrs and 39mins.

To date the application is being verified by Guinness.